Andor Technology is a global leader in the pioneering and manufacturing of high performance scientific imaging cameras, spectroscopy solutions and microscopy systems for research and OEM markets. Andor has been innovating the photonics industry for over 20 years and aims to continue to set the standard for high performance light measuring solutions that allow consumers to perform light measurements previously considered impossible. Through continuous dialogue with customers and strong teamwork, Andor continues to innovate ground-breaking products that improve the world in which we live. Andor Technology is part of Oxford Instruments plc, a leading provider of high technology tools and systems for industry and research.




Avantes is a world leader in the field of spectroscopy. They develop and manufacture spectrometers, light sources, software and fiber optic cables. Avantes' products are highly customizable to any specific application, and integrated into even the smallest housings. These products therefore find usage in many OEM applications and markets, as well as in the scientific and industrial world.


Hiden Analytical


Hiden Analytical celebrates more than 35 years of design, development and manufacture of quadrupole mass spectrometers. Our products address a diverse range of applications - precision gas analysis, plasma diagnostics by direct measurement of plasma ions and ion energies, SIMS probes for UHV surface science, catalysis performance quantification, thermo-gravimetric studies - over a pressure range extending from 30 bar processes down to UHV/XHV.


Omni Technologies


Omni Technologies represents a complementary group of equipment suppliers covering a broad range of micro & nanoscale technologies including Semiconductor, NEMS, MEMS, PV and Plastic Electronics. We supply equipment to Universities, Institutes, Corporate R&D and Fabrication facilities.

The Omni range includes a wide range of thin film deposition and etching technology including atomic layer deposition, sputtering, microwave etching, plasma etching, PECVD, ion beam etch & deposition, together with magnetrons and sputter controllers. We also distribute the innovative Optix optical residual gas analyser, the Latticegear range of scribing and cleaving products, Mask cleaning and chemical mechanical polishing equipment.


Princeton Instruments


Princeton Instruments provides state-of-the-art CCD, sCMOS, ICCD, EMCCD, emICCD, X-Ray and InGaAs cameras; spectrometers; spectrographs; imaging systems; optics and coatings that are key to the success of your application. We take pride in partnering with our customers to solve their most challenging problems in unique, innovative ways.


Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd


QuantumDesign UK and Ireland are one of the leading distributors of high-tech instrumentation and consumables for scientific, academic and industrial research. We offer a wide range of Spectroscopic Ellipsometers from J A Woollam which can be optimised for your particular application. Features include Rotating compensator technology,  In-situ and Ex-Situ capability and revolutionary CompleteEASE software.

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